Frequently asked questions

?What information do I need when I order
As soon as the baby arrives, you can place an order right from our site.  A typical stork bundle comes with the baby’s first and middle names, weight, length, and date of birth.  However, the bundles can be customized to your liking.  We also need you to provide us with the delivery address and phone number.
?How far in advance should I order
Storks in the ATX strives to deliver your sign within 48 hours of placing an order.  You may order a sign in advance in order to reserve your sign, including the baby’s expected due date.  Notify us when the baby arrives and we will schedule a delivery time.  We receive orders 24/7, so contact us whenever you’re ready.
    ?Is there a delivery charge    
We provide free delivery to locations within a 15-mile radius of our office in Austin's Northwest Hills. 
A $15 delivery fee applies for locations outside of this radius.

   ?How does the baby shower rental work   
 We offer $60/day rentals of our signs for baby showers.  Please include your wording for the sign in the “Additional Comments” section on our order form. We will contact you after your order has been placed to verify details.
?What do you offer for the grandparents   
 A grandparent sign is a regular stork rental and comes with a generic bundle (“It’s a Grandson” or “It’s a Granddaughter”) and is not a keepsake. If the grandparent prefers a customized/and or keepsake bundle, additional charging may apply.
?Does someone need to be home when the stork is delivered   
 There is no need for someone to be home when your stork yard sign is delivered or picked up. 
?Where will you place the sign in the yard   
 ​We use our best judgment regarding sign placement to ensure optimal visibility.  If there is a specific spot you would like for the sign to be placed, please notify us when you place your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 
 ?If the stork is a gift, how will the family know who it's from     
 ​When a stork is rented as a gift, a card will be left for the new parents that announces who sent it.
?Can I mow around, or attach anything to the yard signs   
 ​We ask that you do not attempt to move your stork.  If it is necessary to change the location of your stork, please call us at 312-543-2758 and we will come move it for you (a small fee may apply).  Please use extreme caution when mowing or weed eating near the sign as damage can occur if any contact is made with the sign.  Do not attach anything to the sign, including balloons. If a balloon was to pop, the sun would melt the latex into the sign causing permanent damage.. 
?What forms of payment do you accept   
 You can pay online securely using your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. All rentals must be paid in advance before we deliver.